Help us! Japanese dance documentary adovances stuttgart but…

This film project team will travel to Stuttgart, Germany from January 28th to February 1st, 2023. This is because Takahiro Tomatsu, the star of this movie, will be invited to Germany to perform on stage.

However, even though I had the chance to go to Stuttgart, there was no place to show it…
Therefore, we are looking for a place in Stuttgart where we can screen this work “NIKUTAI MONDO”. Or we are looking for connections with people who are interested in independent screenings.

Please contact me if you are interested. Below is the contact information of the person in charge.

■Kenta Tsujimura (Director of this Film)
□E-mail :


[Film Information]

Title: NIKUTAI MONDO (肉態問答)
Project Type: Documentary
Genres: BUTOH, martial BUTOH, improvisation, dance, art, mental health, handicap
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese ( English subtitles )
Cast: Yosuke Yamashita(Jazz Pianist)
   Toru Iwashita(Butoh dancer, a dancer of Sankai Juku)
   Masayuki Nishie(cultural anthropologist)         etc…


Together with an artist who questions and answers in a society where it is difficult to see what is right
A 90-minute to looking forward to “want to” rather than “should”.

In September 2021, when the fourth state of emergency declaration was about to be lifted, the filming of the movie “NIKUTAI MONDO” began in Japan. While the number of groups starting to resume their activities is increasing, we will follow the performances and workshops he is involved in for about three months.

He suddenly asks himself, “I don’t know why he continues to express himself for 35 years.”

While emphasizing improvisational expression in his creative activities, he has interacted with famous people such as jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita, cultural anthropologist Masayuki Nishie, and butoh dancer Toru Iwashita, who is a dancer of Sankai Juku. There is, but I don’t really understand why I can get involved with them. He has been involved in psychiatric care and welfare for over 25 years and is also in charge of program lecturers at clinics.

So why am I doing this? What do you want to convey to the world?

The movie “Flesh Question and Answer” is a work that traces his manner of questioning and answering while conversing with everything.


First of all, thank you for viewing my work.

When we talk about 2020 and beyond, the word “Covid-19” is inseparable. People have been shaken by the unknown virus (that is, the invisible nanika) that is spreading worldwide, and there have been a noticeable number of people who continue their activities and those who quit. Combined with the fact that we are in an information society, the judgment of right and wrong has become vague. What is right, what do we believe, and what is our responsibility? For better or worse, it may be that we are entering an era where we have no choice but to face our own hearts.

The leading actor, Takahiro Tomatsu, is a physical artist whose theme is improvisation. While incorporating the essence of butoh and martial arts, he pursues a new way of expression, “NIKUTAI.” He constantly asks himself, and from his ever-changing appearance, he asks the importance of trying to know yourself first for the happiness of those around you.

I hope that by watching this work, you will reflect on the meaning of interacting with people, expressing yourself, and living, and that you will be able to realize various things in your daily life.