finally comes to the United States.

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Screening & Artist Talk!

2024.05.15 from 19:00 (Chicago time)
“NIKUTAI MONDO” will be held at “Asian Improv aRts Midwest (AirMW)” with the lead actor, Mikihiro Tomatsu, the director, Kenta Tsujimura, and the representative of AirMW, Tatsu Aoki, for an artist talk!
What will happen at the first international screening event?

【Trailer 100 sec.】

Trailer for the movie “NIKUTAI MONDO” [Screening at Chicago in 2024]


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The Year 2022.
What do we believe and where should we go?

For about 35 years, Takahiro Tomatsu has been pursuing himself, his art, and the world as an expressionist, and Kenta Tsujimura, who moved to Tokyo to live as an “individual” without depending on an organization, is creating his first work as a film director at the age of 26.

The year is 2022, and the future is uncertain. The two men followed their intuition and impulses to produce the documentary film “NIKUTAI MONDO”.

What should we believe and where should we go in the midst of social change and chaos that has been triggered by Covid-19?

The works created beyond generations and backgrounds and their ongoing “struggles” will be shared with society, asking each of us what we should cherish.

Not only what is given, but also what is carved out.
Workshops to make friends who can share that fear.

We will have a simple workshop using breathing exercises to affirm each other’s intuition toward the direction in which each feeling moves.
Together with the lead actress, Takahiro Tomatsu, and the director, Tsujimura, the participants will work together to enhance their self-affirmation and courage to lead their unique lives. The workshop is also incorporated in the film and leads to free expression by each participant. This work is easy for anyone to participate in, and has been well received in psychiatry and welfare as a way to enhance [immunity of Heart(Kokoro)].

Previous Screening Events

Screening of “NIKUTAI MONDO” & Talk Session in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
@Books, Exhibitions, and Cafe Shop: Kufusha

The film landed for the first time in director Tsujimura’s birthplace, Yamaguchi, Japan!
The full house was filled to capacity, and various questions and answers, including those about life and death, were generated!


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“NIKUTAI MOND” Screening & WS Event Tour in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan
Cast: Takahiro Tomatsu

2023.11.25 (Sat) @Oyama no Chikyuya (old japanese house restaurant)
2023.11.26 (Sun) @ Sasebo City Machinaka Community Center

Screening & Performance of “NIKUTAI MONDO”
Performed by: Takahiro Tomatsu, Happa-All-Stars

2023.10.22 (sun) @Koenji: SOUND STUDIO DOM Rooftop
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“OTO-no-EIGA Our Sounds” ✖️ “NIKUTAI MONDO” Screening & Session –
2023.07.09 (sun) @ Daikanyama: Haretara-Sorani-Mamemaite
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Screening of “NIKUTAI MONDO” & Talk Session
〜 Guest: (MI)linguist Yuma Ito 〜

2023.04.07 (Fri) @ Koenji: KOENJI SOUND STUDIO DOM
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The film opens in theaters for one week at the venerable Mini-Theater Polepole Higashi-Nakano!
2022.12.03 (Sat) – 12.09 (Fri) @ Higashinakano: Polepole Higashinakano

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 It was a very well thought-out film. A film is a film in which the filmmaker asks a question The film is like a quiz in which the filmmaker asks a question, explains that question (?) throughout the time of the film, and finally presents the answer. I think that a film is like a quiz in which the maker asks a question, explains the question (?) through the time in the film, and finally presents the answer. However, the question (?) However, this film does not show the answer to the question. This was surprising and fresh.
  For those of us who live in an age when there is no right answer to how we should live our lives, Ms. Tomomi’s words, “I don’t know why I continue to express myself,” are exactly the question we should be asking ourselves about our own lives. For 35 years, he has continued to do something for which he does not even know the motive. He is a man with madness. Although we cannot understand or sympathize 100% with Tomomi’s expressive activities as long as we see her, we can sense her extraordinary persistence. The imposing figure that lives up to the title of “carnal expressionist” is recorded in the video. The fact that there are people who have lived this original and complete way of life gives me hope in life. Why are you alive? Why are you alive? It is a very rare person who, when asked “Why are you alive?” can easily say “I am alive for the sake of ◯◯. ……….
………. This film asks the fundamental question, “What is a human being? I think this film presents the fundamental question, “What is a human being? ……….

Excerpts (English translation)

  – Mr. Hiroyuki Ishihara, Film Producer / Representative of POYUTORE Co.

 Improvisation. Carnal expression. Through this film, I discovered the depth of the word improvisation. Mr. Iwashita (Butoh dancer) and Mr. Yamashita (jazz pianist) in an improvisation session with Mr. Tomatsu. The next development was unreadable, and there were numerous expressions with no endings or endings. The work is a mixture of silence and noise, with no meaning and no outline, only the miracle of “improvisation. ………..
………….. As I realized after watching this film, “improvisation” means to live in the present moment with all one’s might. There is no need for meaning or context. Move your body as it is. Scream as you are. Express yourself as you are. There is no need to be conscious of selflessness or unmindfulness. Think as you are. To feel as you are. Mr. Tomatsu knows the importance of this more than anyone else, and he expresses it in a very physical way. And the mentally ill people who appear in the film also know the importance of this. That is why they are so pure and free. They embody their inner selves as they are at any given moment without pretense. Improvisation,” a series of such moments, may be what it means to “live.

Excerpts (English translation)

  – Mr. Jinpei Endo, vocalist of “cock roach

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Born, raised, and currently residing in Tokyo, he has been involved in mental health and welfare (free art creation, breathing work, community dance workshops, etc.) for over 25 years, while at the same time continuing his own physical expression under the name of “NIKUTAI” (physical attitude) with the attitude of a lump of flesh and body.
In 2021, he held an improvisation session with more than 20 mentally ill people in the midst of the Corona disaster, which shocked and moved the welfare world, and he has decided to hold a second session in 2022.
The collaboration tour in London with a UK-based experimental music unit is SOLD OUT, and they have been invited to perform again in the fall of 2022, but it depends on the new type of corona.
He was a personal friend of cultural anthropologist Masayuki Nishie, known as the “barefoot scholar,” who taught him the essence of the expression of the body and spirit until the day before he passed away.
Tokyo Experimental Festival Special Prize (Toshi Ichiyanagi, Yosuke Yamashita, Kenichi Nakagawa, Minoru Hatanaka, Yoshitaka Mori, and other jurors)

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1995. He spent most of his junior year of college in his hometown and was looking for a job without knowing what he wanted to do, but he quit job hunting after helping a relative work in the fields, and embarked on a round-the-Japan bicycle trip. On his journey, he was touched by the warmth of people and came into contact with unique people he met at the guesthouse where he lived and worked, and gradually his ego, which he had never seen before, began to sprout. Just as this experience made him rethink his own life, it also made him want to share his experiences with a variety of interesting people, and he decided to make filmmaking his career. Three years ago, he moved to Tokyo by himself. While working as a video producer and live streamer, he met an expressionist who danced naked on top of his head.